I am Sam, I’m not an astronaut, a professional footballer or even a chef. I’m colour blind so I can’t be a pilot or train driver…or for that matter a bomb disposal expert….should I cut the red or the brown wire? I do like to watch films about space…and tottenham and I damn certain like to cook… you know, I turned down Masterchef…well, I told them I didn’t want to be a chef because I’d read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (hero) and the hours sounded awful. Anyway, turns out I pretty much live chef’s hours now…I’m up at 6.30 – not to take collection of fresh tomatoes and fish but to take collection of Emilia from her cot. I do the breakfast, lunch and dinner service and if I’m lucky I’ll have four or five hours unbroken sleep. But hey, if I was a chef maybe I wouldn’t be a dada.

When I’m not dadding, my day to day life involves building apps, running social marketing and contrary to this about section I am a pretty decent copywriter. I lived in LA on an Alien of Extraordinary Ability Visa* a few years ago working on Vyclone. Multi angle video – but it meant I got to work with the likes of Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz and Weezer. Now I’m building Lexy, which is a first words app for parents and children. Talk to me about it if you like.

Enough about me. Go read my blog. Or not. I don’t mind.

email me samlassman@gmail.com 

*I never understood how we wangled this.